Results expected with intellectual products


Report on training needs for migrants, with the following content:

  • Focus groups per country;
  • Desk research;
  • Interviews;
  • National reports;
  • Final Guide;

Download: SME_IO1_European-Report_Final_v7


Training the Migrants Trainers: a guide directed to trainers that have to work with migrants and train them.

Download: SME_IO2 – Training the migrants trainers


Skills for Migrants Entrepreneurs Guide – a guide which will provide information aimed at highly skilled migrants as to how they can transfer skills into self-employment. The guide will be the base for the training course online.

Download:  SME – IO3 – GUIDE – Skills for migrant entrepreneurs


Migrants and Refugees Social Workers Guide  – a guide which will provide information on how work with Migrants and Refugees, a comprehensive guide for busy practitioners that will prove invaluable as social workers seek to develop and extend responses to the particular needs of migrants and refugees in their communities. 

Download: SME – IO4 – Handbook for social workers


Online Training Course for Migrants Entrepreneurs  – a Moodle-based platform to contain all the learner materials from the  training programme for highly skilled migrants as well as information for trainers (Facilitators’ Guide) and other interactive learning resources relevant to.

Acces the e-learning platform here: http://sme.andreadandrea.it/login/index.php