Additional results

SP-VET-SHORT – Short-term joint staff training events – the main focus of the training will be on ‘social İntegration of refugees and migrants’.

Other additional results expected:

a) Un-intended outcomes for participants e.g. making friends and new networks for work and social life, resulting in a greater sense of community cohesion and social integration for the migrants involved in the project;

b) Increased confidence, self-esteem and self-belief as well as an increased knowledge of business start-up skills and processes are expected overall results to occur during the project and on its completion;

c) Increased knowledge between VET trainers of methodologies which engage and include diverse learners at risk of social exclusion is also an additional result expected to occur during the project and on completion. As a result VET trainers will have increased confidence of working with this disadvantaged group of learners and more likely to engage in VET training with this group of learners in the future.


As well as these main products, the partnership will also produce the following results which are linked to project management, evaluation and dissemination:

  • the 6 partner steering meetings and the Joint Staff T.E;
  • Internal Progress Reports;
  • Interim Report;
  • Final Report;
  • An internal “Quality Committee” (QC);
  • An Evaluation plan;
  • Internal Monitoring and Evaluation Reports;
  • A Dissemination Plan.